Monday, June 14, 2010

Customer Service

I have worked in customer service since I was in high school. Unfortunately good customer service seems hard to find these days. I am often surprised when I go into a retail store and feel like I am inconveniencing the staff by shopping in their store. Heaven forbid I want to give them some of my money.
Anyways, I'm not here to talk about my poor customer service experience. I recently had a very GOOD experience in the most unexpected place... while getting my oil changed.
I don't normally handle the oil changes in our family but since I'm not working I had the time to take the car and we were getting ready to head out of town and it needed to be done. I've gotten my oil changed before, many years ago and I always felt awkward about it. Would they try and rip me off with all these pricey "add-ons"? or talk to me like I'm stupid because I'm a woman? Both of these have happened to me before.
As soon as I pulled in one of the guys came and opened my door for me and lead me to the waiting area. While I was waiting, the manager came in to tell me what they were doing and to see what kind of oil I wanted. Every time he addressed me it was "Mrs. Timmons" and he explained thoroughly what would be best for my type of vehicle. He thanked me several times during my visit for doing business with them. He enrolled me in a discount program that would save me money on future visits. When the car was done another man escorted me out to my car, thanked me again and shut my door for me.
Overall it was a very positive experience and unfortunately one I do not see enough of these days. Anyone who works in customer service or owns their own business SHOULD be thanking their customers and going above and beyond to make the experience memorable...even if it is just getting an oil change. After all it's our customers money that is putting the roof over our heads, and feeding our children.


  1. Okay, let's hear it - where is this magical land of customer service? I'll be taking my vehicle there next time!

  2. Jiffy Lube on 86th... Completely unexpected!