Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here I Go...

I am jumping on the blogging bandwagon.  Or at least I am attempting to. I am a self proclaimed "blog stalker".  I follow a handful of blogs and can't get enough of it! Some of them are friends of mine and others are one's that I have stumbled upon with a specific focus like cooking, or couponing. I never thought I could be a blogger. I feel so un-interesting but I guess that's what I love about everyone else's blogs.  They talk about their lives and what is important to them so maybe my "normal" life of being a working Mom and wife will be entertaining to others as well. At the least this blog will be a good way to share things that I want to remember.  My son Carter will be 3 in February.  He is at the stage of saying all sorts of funny things. I'm sure I will have many funny stories to share in the future.  So to my friends, family and strangers who may stumble upon this blog, enjoy, and please leave any comments you like!

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